I really can’t believe it’s already June 7th.  Time is flying by.  These last few days have been absolutely wonderful. 

On Wednesday, we had our first Greek language lesson.  We were taught by a sweet lady who helps the local Agape (Cru) staff learn Greek.  It’s such a cool language but oh so very complicated.  I’ve learned how to say some of the more common, everyday things such as “hello, how are you, good morning, excuse me” but one of the cooler things was learning how to spell my name in Greek:  Λώρεν 

Our first week on campus was definitely an adventure.  It’s a very different feel from NMSU. 


I met many people the first few days, but no one really wanted to chat, so I started to get a bit discouraged and worried that I wouldn’t make any friends.  The Polytechnio campus is an engineering school, so there are fewer girls around for us to talk to and everyone is really serious about their studies.  But on Thursday, after much prayer and patience, God provided us with three different groups of girls to talk to!  It was great.  One of the groups was even late to class because we were having such a fun time chatting.  We exchanged contact information and are planning to meet up with some of them again soon!  They were so friendly and sweet.  It was a really encouraging day.  

My favorite day yet has probably been Friday.  We were busy doing team things that morning and afternoon, but Friday evenings are set aside for us to hang out with our Greek friends.  No one I met was free to hang out that night, but two of my roommates had met two girls on the other campus and they had plans to do something.  She invited me and another friend to tag along with them.  They took us to a fun little cafe to get some coffee and we just chatted for a few hours.  Then we went to get some souvlaki at this really hip place…they had the most delicious and fresh gyros I’ve had since being here.  We walked around for a while and had some great conversation.  Then we finished the night by sitting on some steps, listening to Greek music, and continuing our friendship.  It felt like I was in a movie.  Here are our sweet friends: (they are the two on the end…Georgia on the left and Anastasia on the right)  

It was such a cool experience to hear them talk about their lives and the culture.  We talked about everything….music, family, food, school, friends.  It was just so natural.  They were so kind to want to know all about our lives also.  Anastasia told us that any time we come back to Athens, we can stay with her!!  SO sweet.  Being their friends just flowed and they were both super loving towards us.  Two of their guy friends tagged along towards the end of the night and they were really nice and brought more fun to the group!

We are already planning our next adventure!

Be praying for God to continue working in these friendships and that our love for Him would shine through our words and actions.  Also that he would continue to provide people for us to talk to on campus. 

Be encouraged by this today.  Live in truth and walk in love. 


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